Veterinary Dental Society Celebrates 10 Years Of Service

VENICE, FL. (April 15, 2004) ” Ten years after its inception, the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians (ASVDT) is recognized by veterinarians and technicians both nationally and across the globe as a leading provider of veterinary dental knowledge to the entire veterinary community.

In 1994 a dedicated group of veterinary dentists and technicians saw a great need for an organization that would emphasize the key role that technicians and other staff members play in the dental portion of a practice.

It was essential to provide those out in the field with educational materials to increase their dental knowledge and skills since little dental training was given at veterinary and technician schools . Therefore, in 1995, Dr. Jan Bellows, a board certified veterinary dentist and ASVDT founding board member, created the ASVDT First Level Qualifying Examination home study course. Since then, more than 5,800 technicians and 400 veterinarians from all fifty states as well as Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan, Mexico and Hong Kong have taken the course.

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