VEA: An Automated AI Notes That Saves Time for Vets and Pet Parents


VEA (short for Veterinary Electronic Assistant) is a patent-protected AI and voice platform co-created by veterinarians to improve pets’ experience and alleviate the workload of veterinary staff.  The CEO is Trish Porter, who after several painful visits to the veterinarian with her rescue dog Taki, decided to use her tech experience to launch VEA with veterinary experts.

At VMX, VEA’s CEO Patricia Porter introduced a partnership with Antech, as well as, the industry’s first patented SOAP note generator powered by ChatGPT.
Veterinarians can use voice and AI to produce their SOAP; while they’re seeing their next patient, VEA is finalizing the SOAP and the take-home instructions for the previous appointments when diagnostics results.
Porter also commented, “Our partnership with Antech creates a seamless solution that enables veterinarians to see 7-10 more patients a day and provide a higher standard of care.”

According to VEA, VEA aims to reduce the workload of clinic note management, streamline revenue cycle management, and provide automation wherever possible. The intended result is staff can save time and focus on delivering better care for the pets. With VEA, the documentation, diagnosis process, and checkout process speeds up, making the time for pets to spend in the clinic shorter.

Training for the VEA data set was created by the VEA board of veterinary advisors for more than 50 common diseases. Etienne Cote’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats and other resources were used as a guide for VEA’s automated differential diagnosis workflow.

The client platform features vaccination and visit reminders, automated invoices and treatment plans.

VEA has integrations and partnerships with Antech, Covetrus, Lifelearn, Melia Pet Care, Amendpet, Teef Life, InventoryAlly and HighFive. To learn more visit



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