tranquil-ease Calming Gel Patch by KVP


KVP International featured the tranquil-ease Calming Gel Patch for dogs and cats at WVC.  This product is for calming behavior support and can be used with surgical collars for post-surgery. According to the company, the patches help with stress-related behaviors such as marking, scratching, restlessness, excessive barking in dogs and jumping.

Frankie with Tranquil Collar with tranquil-ease calming patch insert

The patch releases natural essential oil extracts scientifically proven for their calming appeasing properties. The patch is suited for use with the company’s Tranquil Collars and Calmer Collars to help support pets through the recovery phase post-surgery.  Both cat and dog patches come in 12 packs. Available through your veterinarian. Note: The dog patches are not for use on cats.

Source: KVP International


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