Top 2019 U.S. Pet Names


Each year our friends at Rover check out their database of over a million pets to see which names are the most popular. They also take a peek at trends and cultural moments that inspire the most popular names. Guess what? Our own Lola made the cut, how about your pup?!

Lola, the Goodnewsforpets Lab

Lola, our Goodnewsforpets Mascot and Publisher’s Grandpup

Top Female Dog Names

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Lucy
  4. Daisy
  5. Lily
  6. Zoe
  7. Lola
  8. Molly
  9. Sadie
  10. Bailey

Top Male Dog Names

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Buddy
  5. Rocky
  6. Milo
  7. Jack
  8. Bear
  9. Duke
  10. Teddy

Marijuana Dog Names (Cats, Too)

And in the trend category, the weed-craze has swept dog lovers as names like Budder (up 600%), Dank (up 116%), Indica (up 93%), Herb (up 66%) and Kush (up 62%) are all trending upwards.

More Movies and TV

We’re big fans of the movies and while the latest Star Wars movie is just out, other new movies and classic franchises alike inspired pet parents in 2019: Genie is up thanks to the Aladdin reboot, while WoodyBuzz Lightyear, and Slinky Dog (new this year!) were on the rise due to Toy Story 4.

Superheroes are especially big for dogs! Okoye is up 250%, Nebula is up 163%, and Black Widow is up 100%. Villains find their way onto the list, too, with Sauron and Bellatrix both up 200%, followed by Thanos and Tywin.

Top Superhero Names for Dogs and Cats

  1. Harley
  2. Loki
  3. Thor
  4. Flash
  5. May
  6. Drax
  7. Ronan
  8. Valkyrie
  9. Mary Jane
  10. Stan

Pets Named for Celebrities and Royals

Celebrity baby names are big for pets: Stormi and Saint are trending way up.

Other rising stars include Keanu (up 93%), Kim (up 47%), Ariana (up 54%) and JLo (up 30%).

Royal pet names are trending with Princess Diana up 200%, Queen Elizabeth up 150%, Archie up 45%, Meghan up 42%, and Charlotte up 24%.


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