Mayday For Mutts was established to promote the adoption of mixed-breed, older and special needs dogs. Last year more than 150 organizations, and thousands of dog lovers nationwide, participated in various events. I expect to at least double that number for this year. Below are links to registration, free posters and event literature for MFM:

Registration: By registering online we can keep you updated on the latest Mayday happenings, and will post a link to your site.

Free Posters: Free downloadable Mayday For Mutts posters, “100 Pure Mutt” fill-in certificates, and more. Display at your facility, distribute, etc.

Event Ideas: Here you’ll find some great ideas for Mayday events and celebrations.

Fundraising Specials: The publisher of “Unforgettable Mutts,” is offering a generous 45% discount to all non-profit groups who would like to sell the book as a fundraising item. This has been a big success with several organizations, and is of course the perfect item to have for Mayday.

Free E-Book: A free preview edition of Unforgettable Mutts in e-book format will be available shortly. You will be able to post the book on your site for free downloading (or request a donation), printout a copy, or do whatever you wish. To receive your free e-book, reply to this e-mail with “e-book” in the subject line, or check appropriate box when registering online. Thank you in advance for your participation and support of this important event. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions, comments or suggestions.

SOURCE Karen Derrico, Founder, Mayday For Mutts



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