The Latest News in the Market for Pet Products and Supplies

Well-being, life quality, innovation: Zoomark International 2011 focuses on the new purchasing trends and on the evolution of the offer

Owners wish to provide their pets with the utmost well-being: great attention is paid to comfort and to the quality of life. Moreover, owners are willing to purchase quality products, to provide pets with the same attentions dedicated to humans.

Pet industry has fully understood the emerging trend and meets the needs of customers. Customers are increasingly oriented towards innovatory products, but at the same time they look for information, pay attention to labels, tips on blogs and forums in order to choose the correct product.

Nature, science and taste

In all the sectors, the main news is oriented towards the most innovatory products.

The typical criteria and choices for human nutrition are transferred to the sector of pet food: customers prefer healthy and natural food products. The offer has broadened with three emerging trends: nature, science and taste. Besides maintenance food developed according to age, breed and lifestyle, the newest products introduced by the most innovatory companies are: diet products dedicated to specific ailments (obesity, convalescence, calculi and renal problems, hearth and gastro-intestinal pathologies); organic food and herbal mix; delicacies; functional, holistic and nutraceutical food.

Diet becomes personal

Customers are fully informed on these principles: they ask for customized products meeting the needs and well-being of their pet. The products must not contain preserving and colouring agents, in compliance with the new health trends.

Innovation is present in the package as well, which is clear and readable.

Customers are extremely attentive to labels and to packages suited for modern life style, such as single-serve (especially in moist food for cats) or multi-packs that provide variety and convenience.

Respecting the environment

Accessories and care products are also inspired to the respect of environment and to ecological policies. The ingredients include only natural substances (no chemical products), which often come from organic farming.

Beauty products reflect the care for skin and fur problems, with special attention to allergy prevention: litters are biodegradable and recyclable; the bottom of cages comes from renewable raw materials; toys are made of natural and reusable materials and packages are developed to support waste disposal.

Triumph of luxury, attention to handiness

Furnishing and accessories are reinvented by designers according to eco-sustainability, as well as to creative innovation. The products are also useful and functional, as well as safe and handy. The trend awards precious lines of clothing, beds, carriers, leashes and accessories made of silk, satin and cashmere featuring trendy brands and dedicated to cats and dogs. Moreover, special attention is paid to innovatory processes featuring nanotechnologies and ecological materials, to introduce high-level technology in the pet sector: antibacterial, filtering and refreshing fabrics for comfortable, anti-stain and sanitized beds and apparel.

Smart products

High-tech products are extremely successful in the market: GPS locators, USB tags, self-cleaning litters, smart and interactive toys. The aquatic sector also follows the innovatory boost: led lighting system offering great performances; low-wattage pump and filters to reduce the energy consumption; smaller aquaria suited for the minimalist philosophy (for small houses or offices), which still respect the well-being of fish.

With pets until the very end

The aim is to create value for the whole pet care sector, in order to promote a sustainable relationship with pets. An increasing number of companies offer a broad range of services: walks, visits, training courses, behavioural veterinarians, pet taxi and 24 hours pet-sitting. Some companies also offer a complete cremation service for pets.


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