The ASPCA® Launches Web Site for Animal Welfare Professionals

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today announced the launch of a comprehensive new Internet-based resource for animal welfare professionals and caretakers across the United States., which can be accessed directly or via, contains a wealth of information and knowledge garnered over the years, from the ASPCA’s successful and nationally-recognized programs and experts from across the country, to be used as a learning tool for professionals around the country.

“The ability to collaborate with our peers in animal welfare is a critical factor in building a stronger support system for our nation’s companion animals,” said ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. “ is yet another valuable resource that we are proud to offer to animal welfare professionals nationwide—veterinarians, welfare staff, law enforcement officials, and volunteers, both present and future—and that I hope will go a long way in providing the information and resources that are so important in elevating animal welfare.”

“For years the ASPCA has shared resources and provided consultations with animal welfare professionals, through its National Outreach department and programs,” said Julie Morris, ASPCA Senior Vice President of National Outreach. “I’m extremely excited about this latest development, which will provide even greater collaboration between communities to help save lives.”

In recognition of the challenges that face animal welfare workers, the ASPCA created as a resource that will help professionals maximize their time and energy. By presenting tools and strategies that focus on the ASPCA’s strengths and learnings in such areas as adoptions, spay/neuter, behavior, feral cat trap-neuter-return (TNR) and colony management, fundraising and shelter medicine, the ASPCA aims to help others create and experience similar successes in their own regions.

The site also features information on implementing signature programs such as the ASPCA®’s Meet Your Match™, which includes the Feline-ality™ and Canine-ality™/Puppy-ality™ adoption programs that aim to increase adoption rates and reduce return rates; as well as ASPCA® Mission: Orange™, a national campaign in which the ASPCA aims to create a country of humane communities, one community at a time, where animals receive the compassion and respect due to them as sentient beings, and where there is no more unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable animals simply because of a lack of resources or awareness.

As grows and expands, the ASPCA will add information in the areas of anti-cruelty, animal poison control and disaster readiness, among others.


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