The Animal’s Instinct Pet Food Warmer

Animal_Instinct_LogoPet_Food_WarmerThe Pet Food Warmer by Animal’s Instinct, Inc. is specially designed for warming cat and dog food and eliminates the problem of too cold or overheated food for your dog or cat, and even enhances the flavor of the food. The Pet Food Warmer can store up to four one-pound cans or twelve 5.5 oz cans of unopened food and is even safe for pouches and plastic mini containers.

According to the manufacturer, it has undergone more than seven years of strict testing and research to ensure top quality for your pet. According to the owner and inventor, Jackie Perez, veterinarian are using the warmer to keep surgical fluids warm, breeders are raving about the perfect temperatures it keeps warming pads for new litters, and research has shown dogs and cats prefer to eat food that has been warmed to the natural temperature.

The warmer also doubles as a convenient location to store your pet’s unopened food so it’s always ready to serve. The compact design is 11.5” tall x 6” wide x 7½” deep. It retails for $45.00, free shipping included and can be ordered online at


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