The American Heartworm Society 12th Triennial Symposium

The American Heartworm Society’s 12th Triennial Symposium brings together the leading authorities for discussion on the latest research and findings on heartworm disease, treatment and prevention. The international slate ofspeakers promises to deliver excellent programming presenting newparadigms in both canine and feline heartworm disease. Thefollowing topics will be discussed: client compliance vs.resistance, Wolbachia and the use of doxycycline, new developmentsin feline heartworm disease, genetic sensitivity to preventives andnew product data.

Symposium Date:

The meeting will be held on Friday, July 13, and Saturday, July 14,with an additional session to be held at the AVMA convention onSunday, July 15, 2007. Please note thatyou must be registered for the AVMA convention in order to attendthe Sunday session. To stay at the J.W. Marriott Hotel you can makeyour accommodation reservations directly on the AVMA meetingregistration form at

Symposium Benefactors

In addition to the excellent scientific program, many extras andspecial amenities are planned for you to enjoy, thanks to theSymposium Benefactors who have provided generous funding for allmeals and social functions, including coffee breaks, two lunchesand breakfasts. Merial Limited will host a welcome reception onFriday evening, and Novartis Animal Health will host a closingreception on Saturday. Both of these festive affairs will featureexcellent food, entertainment and fun! Make sure to register your spouse or significant other to join you at these events.

Symposium Location

The American Heartworm Society is pleased to hold the 2007Symposium at the beautiful J.W. Marriott Hotel, located among themost recognizable landmarks of Washington, D.C. This prestigiousPennsylvania Avenue hotel provides easy access to the D.C. area’srenowned monuments, museums and cultural venues and is withinwalking distance of the White House, the National Theatre, theConvention Center and the National Portrait Gallery. With 738luxurious rooms which include High Speed Internet access, and 32inch HD TVs with connections for your MP3 player and video camera,this beautiful and contemporary Washington, D.C. hotel is asought-after downtown hotel in the Nation’s Capital.

The hotel’s outstanding location is one block from WashingtonD.C.’s Metro system, and just 15 minutes fromReagan National Airport, which adds to the ease of travelthroughout the area.

Symposium Lodging

Please note that you must be registeredfor the AVMA convention in order to stay at the J.W. MarriottHotel. You can make your hotel reservations directly on the AVMAmeeting registration form at


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