Synbiotics Corp. Selects KC for Headquarters, R&D

Synbiotics Corp. wants to be in the center of the animal health industry. That’s why the company is moving its headquarters and research and development operations from San Diego to Kansas City.

The Global Center for Animal Health

Nearly one third of the $14.2 billion global animal health industry is represented by companies in Kansas City. In fact, more than 120 animal health companies representing manufacturing, distribution, nutrition, suppliers and service providers call the metro home.

“Kansas City’s concentration of animal health companies, technology and resources was very appealing to us,” said Paul Hays, president and CEO at Synbiotics Corp. “We knew this is where we needed to be.”

Kansas City has the largest single concentration of animal health assets in the world according to a recent study by Brakke Consulting.

“The Kansas City area offers unparalleled resources for the animal health industry.” said Ron Brakke, president of Brakke Consulting.

“Animal health companies who headquarter in Kansas City can take advantage of firms offering a variety of services with the benefit of knowing that these partners firms have the background and experience to understand the unique aspects of the animal health market,” he added. “We’re unaware of any other area in the United States that has invested specifically in trying to attract animal health companies,” said Brakke.

Synbiotics develops, manufactures and markets veterinary diagnostics, instrumentation and related products for the companion animal, large animal and poultry markets worldwide. Synbiotics is an expert in avian influenza surveillance and early detection.

“Kansas City is thrilled to welcome Synbiotics to our community,” said Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes. “We are proud to play a part in the growth of the regional animal health industry.”

Workforce Resources

The region’s proximity to the nation’s leading vet schools is also a plus for companies like Synbiotics.

“The abundance of educated and trained animal scientists and skilled workforce in the Kansas City area was very important to our decision to locate here,” said Hays.

“Four accredited veterinary colleges offer animal health companies unprecedented access to trained professionals and cutting edge veterinary research,” said Brakke.

The University of Missouri Columbia, Kansas State University, Iowa State University and Oklahoma State University are all recognized for their accredited veterinary collages and renowned research. The University of Nebraska also offers a doctorate program in veterinary science. And in Kansas City’s backyard is Kansas City Metropolitan Community College, which offers one of the leading veterinary technician degree programs in the country.

“I am excited that Synbiotics has decided to move to Missouri where they will find an extremely dedicated and immensely qualified workforce,” said Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. “Synbiotics is a leader in its field and represents the kind of company we want to continue to attract to the Show-Me state.”

Synbiotics will create 42 new jobs for area residents. The company will invest more than $3.5 million for equipment and is in final negotiations on a facility in Kansas City, Mo.

KC’s Effort to Capitalize on the Industry

In just nine months, the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC), the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI), the Greater Kansas City Chamber and several leading animal health companies have come together to create what they are branding nationwide as the “Animal Health Corridor.” The three pronged effort is focused on recruiting new animal health companies, stimulating research investments, cultivating the work force for the industry and creating a favorable business climate for animal health companies.

“The Kansas City region is embracing our heritage,” said Bob Marcusse, president and CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Synbiotics to the region and to the Animal Health Corridor. I applaud the efforts of all involved in achieving this early milestone, as Synbiotics represents the first animal health company to relocate to the metro since our initiative took form.” said Joerg Ohle, president of Bayer Animal Health and chairman of the Animal Health Corridor initiative in Kansas City.

About Synbiotics

Synbiotics produces and internationally markets test kits for various animal diseases and zoonotic pathogens affecting poultry, livestock and companion animals.

Notable is its extensive range of tests for detection of avian diseases, including the avian influenza test, Flu Detect®.

Synbiotics also develops and markets a unique range of diagnostics for cattle and swine such as porcine circovirus, pseudorabies disease in swine and tuberculosis in cattle.

For companion animals Synbiotics markets several rapid and laboratory tests for diseases such as heartworm, equine infectious anaemia, feline leukaemia, canine parvovirus and diagnostics to facilitate reproduction in dogs and horses.

The Synbiotics product development pipeline also includes products for on-farm detection of pathogens that have an economic impact on animal health and productivity as well as those that can be passed to humans as food-safety concerns.

Synbiotics has a subsidiary in Lyon, France and USDA licensed manufacturing operations in San Diego, Calif., and Lyon, France.

KCADC Partners

The Kansas City Area Development Council was proud to partner with the following organizations in assisting Synbiotics with its relocation to the metro:

  • State of Missouri
  • City of Kansas City, Mo.
  • Kansas City Economic Development Corp.
  • Aquila
  • Platte County Economic Development Corp.
  • University of Missouri
  • Kansas State University
  • Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute

Animal Health Asset Profile

  • Thirty-seven animal health companies have their US or world headquarters in Kansas City. Seven animal nutrition companies are headquartered in the area.
  • Animal health product companies headquartered in the KC area represent 27% ($1.37 billion) of US animal health sales ($5 billion), and 30% ($4.3 billion) of global animal health sales ($14.2 billion).
  • US sales of the 7 animal nutrition companies headquartered in KC are an estimated $1.7 billion.
  • Kansas City is home to 40% of the top 10 global animal health companies (Bayer Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Fort Dodge Animal Health, and Intervet) and 20% of the top 5 animal nutrition companies (Hill’s Pet Nutrition).
  • IVX Animal Health, the world’s largest generic animal health manufacturer, is headquartered in Kansas City.
  • Three of the largest animal health distributors (AgriLabs, Durvet, and Vedco), and one of the leading farm store buying groups (Wheatbelt) are headquartered in the Kansas City area.
  • The four leading animal health companies in the KC area spend approximately $325 million per year on research and development efforts in animal health.
  • Kansas City is geographically central in the US and is close to many of the food animal end customers. Within 350 miles of Kansas City are more than 45% of the fed cattle in the US; more than 40% of the hogs produced in the US; and 20% of the beef cows and calves.
  • At least 20 leading animal health products or brands are researched and/or manufactured in the Kansas City region.

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The Kansas City Area Development Council, celebrating 29 years of economic development success, works to attract business and industry to the 18-county, two-state region. More than 250 corporate and 50 community investor partners support the council. Please visit for additional information about the KCADC and its business recruitment efforts.

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Synbiotics Corp.
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Synbiotics Corp.
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Brakke Consulting
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Bob Marcusse
President and CEO
Kansas City Area Development Council

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Missouri Dept. of Economic Development

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Economic Development Corporation

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Bayer Corporation


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