Swarovski Celebrates Cats with Its New House of Cats

Goodnewsforpets.com’s editorial team spied these cats recently on display at Swarovski’s elegant retail store near Grand Central Station in New York City. Further research revealed the line of crystal figurines was launched in 2009 as the fourth generation of the company’s Lovlots collection. Following the whimsical story line, the seven felines live in the elegant “House of Cats.” Just as all cats have different personalities, this team of Swarovski® Crystal cats share a sense of sophistication, allure and good humor, but boast their own independent, inimitable and charming characters.

Following is more detail on each cat. To order, visit a retail store or www.swarovski.com. Remember, you also have a chance to win “Emily” and register for our new e-newsletter.

Theo – “What’s next?”
Main trait: energy. So lively that he can sometimes be difficult to keep track of, “Theo” is an everyday adventurer, and is always out and about. He is mischievous and often cheeky, though he also plays the role of protective big brother, keeping a keen eye on his sister “Emily.” Particularly charming, “Theo” is the Limited Edition for 2009. His body is produced entirely in faceted Jet Nut crystal, with his tail the only non-faceted element. His nose is in Jet crystal and his eyes are in Chalk White crystal, with engaging black pupils.

Emily – “I am waiting for my prince charming”
“Emily” is right at home among life’s romantics. While waiting for her prince charming, she floats through wonderful, dream-like worlds, recording them on canvas-“Emily” is an artist! She draws on a range of inspirations, though has a deep love of butterflies and pink tones. “Emily” is cut entirely in faceted Fuchsia crystal, and features a butterfly in silver-metal on her right ear. Her Chalk White eyes feature black pupils, while her Jet crystal nose is utterly charming.

Pierre and Marie – “Home is where the heart is”
Loving husband of “Marie” and proud father of “Theo” and “Emily,” “Pierre” is above all an epicurean, and whenever the “House of Cats” gets a little too frenetic, he escapes to his secret garden, both literally and figuratively. His entire body is made of faceted Indian Sapphire crystal, and his nose is in Jet crystal.

“Marie” acts as the warm soul of the “House of Cats.” She lends the house its inimitable joie de vivre and takes great pleasure in taking care of each member. Cozy, yet sophisticated, the surroundings have come to resemble her personality, and bear witness to her love of fine objects and her artistic sensibility. Made of Cockatoo Red Satin crystal, “Marie” bears a small Chalk White crystal heart on her chest.

Ines – “Trust me darling”
“Ines” is the embodiment of sophistication. A talented fashion designer, she admits to an overpowering addiction to shoes, though is hugely determined and ambitious and will let nothing get in her way. She projects herself as a real success, and is passionate about continually cultivating her style. She shares her taste for jewellery with her elder sister “Diane” and on lucky days can even borrow some pieces from her. “Ines” is produced in faceted Shadow crystal, her ears and tail are made of Morion crystal, and her wonderfully chic pearl necklace features Dark Grey coloring.

Diane – “Manners are the key to harmony”
“Diane’s” ethos in four words would be “elegance at all times.” In her days as a journalist, she was the author of the Miss Manners column, where she dished out advice on how to shine in society and how to handle the most delicate situations. A reserved individual, “Diane” is now looking for harmony in her life. Her Golden Shadow crystal coat radiates glamour and warmth, and is pierced by a stunning Aquamarine crystal gaze, while her ears and tail are in Smoky Quartz crystal and her necklace in a Cream rose Light Pearl color. Part of her state of calm is achieved by the fact that she looks over all of her friends, being the tallest member of the “House of Cats” at 11.2 cm in height.

Camille – “My environment inspires me”
A grande dame of the arts, “Camille” leads a happy life in the “House of Cats” where she makes the most of her early retirement. Attentive and generous, “Camille’s” serenity can be tested at times in the hustle and bustle of the “House of Cats,” though she brings a calm and reassuring presence that everyone appreciates. “Camille” is made entirely of Copper crystal, except for her Jet crystal nose.


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