Game Day Pet Safety: Best Game Day Snacks For Dogs


While game day snacks are delicious for humans, some snacks can be harmful to pups who partake in watching parties. The last thing anyone wants on game day is a sick pup.

These tips will help avoid any potentially dangerous snacks, keeping you and your doggo happy!

Pups Should Keep Their Paws Off:

  • Seven Layer Dip / Nachos – Avocados contain persin, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and heart congestion. Onions of any kind (dry, raw, cooked, powder, etc.) contain disulfides and sulfoxides (thiosulphate), both of which can cause anemia and damage red blood cells. Never give your dog anything spicy such as jalapeños or hot peppers!
  • Buffalo Wings – Cooked chicken bones can easily splinter when chewed by dogs. Also, spicy sauces can cause stomach irritation, pain, and gas.
  • Queso / Blue Cheese Dip / Ranch – Milk and dairy products can cause digestive problems and may trigger food allergies. Feeding your dog dairy could result in smelly farts and diarrhea.
  • Beer – Alcohol can cause not only intoxication, lack of coordination, weak breathing, and abnormal acidity but potentially even coma or death. If a dog consumes hops in beer, it may cause vomiting, panting, increased heart rate, fever, and even lead to death. Find out what dogs can drink safely.

If you can’t resist the urge to share, party platters offer many safe options. Vegetables are low in calories and packed with vitamins too. Just be sure to break up carrots, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, and snap peas into small pieces so your dog can better chew and swallow them. Lean, nitrate-free meats with the skin and fat removed can be another tasty and protein-filled treat for your dog.

Another great idea is keeping some of their favorite toys handy to keep them occupied in the right ways. Every pet parent would rather the pups noising around toys than the trash. Want your pup to join in the Super Bowl spirit? Goodnewsforpets has you covered for the latest NFL themed toys, including our football favorites for this year!

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