To See A Fellow Texan Soar: Dr. Heidi Lobprise Take A Bow!


Yup, I’m playing my fellow Texan card because when I think of her, it’s of that big Texan smile with a heart a mile wide. She is all of that and more. It gives me great pleasure to announce Heidi Lobprise, DVM, DAVDC as the next Germinder + Associates 20th Anniversary Power of Pink Honoree – and especially to do it during Pet Dental Health Month.

Lea-Ann Germinder and Dr. Heidi Lobprise at the VMX Goodnewsforpets book signing with one of the recipients of Dr. Lobprise’s signed textbook.

Now, I know that it is so important to stress pets need dental care every month, but when we met 23 years ago when “Pets Need Dental Care, Too!” was launched, the concept of routine caring for a pet’s teeth was not too well understood at all. It was up to her mentor at the time, Dr. Robert  Wiggs and his colleagues to carry the message to the public and practicing veterinarians. But it didn’t stop there. Heidi was in her residency with Dr. Wiggs when I met her.

As the years past, she finished her residency, passed her boards and was accepted as a diplomate into the American College of Veterinary Dentistry. She herself became president of the American Veterinary Dental Society. She took some corporate positions, learned alot and now is back in private practice. She’s lecturing, writing textbooks and does not hesitate to give sage advise at young veterinarians at a moment’s notice. Add in her passion for educating veterinarians about care of senior pets (Founding President of the International Senior Care Society), throw in her participation in Moms with a DVM Facebook Group and you have a veterinarian who is a leader in every way.

I was thrilled to have her participate in the GNFP Digital Download series on Dentistry and in awe of her book signing and generally welcoming skills at our VMX booth.  And as a Power of Pink Honoree, I got to visit with her more as she shared her latest thoughts in this interview.

She and her colleagues continue to drive home the message of proper dental care for pets. Now veterinary dentists want everyone to know how important it is to get under the gumline to clean the teeth. This requires anesthesia, safely done at the veterinary clinic. After 23 years, her work and those of her colleagues isn’t done yet. Soar Heidi, Soar, and Take a Big Bow too. Congratulations to Our Power of Pink Honoree!

Lea-Ann Germinder



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