Responsible Healthcare for PetsMedia Training Addresses Veterinary Issues

Responsible Healthcare for Pets is a program developed by Fort Dodge Animal Health to address emerging areas of debate in veterinary medicine that affect the pet-owning public. The goal of the program is to help veterinarians educate pet owners through media appearances and in their clinics regarding facts surrounding various issues so pet owners can in turn make informed decisions to keep their pets healthy.

Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth, announced the continuation and expansion of the successful “Responsible Healthcare for Pets” program and public education campaign launched in 2003. The company sponsored dozens of seminars across the country and at veterinary trade conferences and a public education campaign resulting in millions of media impressions. The company will continue to offer programming for practicing veterinarians, educational kits to clinics, and a public education campaign regarding the importance of veterinary care.

New for 2004 is a general veterinary issues media training program featuring well-known media personality and veterinarian, Dr. Jim Humphries. Fort Dodge is proud to provide veterinary professionals a unique hands-on media training seminar, designed to help practicing veterinarians effectively face questioning clients or the media.

Ralph Johnson, Executive Director of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association called the RHP Media Training Program “dynamic, instructive, insightful, and enjoyable.” Johnson said “I feel that our public relations capacity took a giant step forward as a result of this training. The Denver program was well structured in terms of content and sequence. I’m confident that other executives will feel as I do that this is time well spent.”

Dr. Humphries has been called the best media trainer in business today and will lead extensive media training seminars in 10 cities across the country. He has conducted over 4,000 interviews and 24 national tours for our profession. Dr. Humphries is in the country’s top newsrooms every week, representing the veterinary profession on radio, television and in print. Now he brings his expertise and savvy media handling techniques to state association leadership and practicing veterinarians.

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