CFA’s Redinger Illustrated Book “Caring for Your Kitty” Wins CWA Muse Medallion


The Cat Fanciers’ Association (#CFA) and its Ambassador Cat Program new coloring book Caring for Your Kitty featuring illustrations by Austen Redinger has won a Cat Writers Association of America (CWA) 2017 Muse Medallion.

coloring bookAusten Redinger began drawing at a very young age and turned his passion into his career. Austen began his business Anything Cartoon, which specializes in cartoon illustration and design. He provides clients all around the world with illustrations and cartoons that help businesses grow and improve their marketing efforts.

Developed to help children understand the importance of caring for a #pet #kitten or cat, it focuses on the four C’s of #pet care:

Commitment – while owning a #cat is a life-long responsibility, it also brings many rewards.

Care – teaches responsibility

Compassion – in addition to caring and loving a new pet, it also helps teach children compassion for all living creatures.

Contact – cats provide unconditional love and attention.

The coloring book is distributed at CFA shows by the CFA Ambassador Cats Program and is free of charge to show attendees. Check the CFA show calendar to find a CFA show near you. For ordering information, visit CFA.

Source: CFA


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