COLUMBUS, N.J., March 21 /PRNewswire/ — Shopping for rabbit lovers is a year-round activity at Bunny Heaven(TM). Providing rabbit-theme gifts keeps business “hopping” at all times for this catalog and online merchant.

“No major holiday is synonymous with a specific animal the way Easter is with rabbits,” explains Gale Douglas, owner of Bunny Heaven. And while most people have seen stores and catalogs for dog and cat fanciers, a business that sells shirts, jewelry, handbags and home accessories featuring rabbits exclusively is certainly an innovation.

Considering the prevalent association of rabbits with Spring, it’s surprising that Bunny Heaven doesn’t cater to an Easter theme. “Our line of original designs and hard-to-find products delights people who love real rabbits,” says Ms. Douglas. Nonetheless, Spring is always one of the busiest times of the year for the merchant.

How can a business that serves rabbit lovers exist without dressed-up bunnies wearing bonnets? “Thousands of gift stores throughout the country carry Easter-oriented merchandise seasonally,” continues Ms. Douglas. “But few businesses have a product selection that interests adults who like real- life rabbits — that’s where Bunny Heaven fills a niche. Many of our customers have rabbits themselves and know that these animals are nothing like the fabled Easter Bunny.” Indeed, Ms. Douglas has house rabbits originally adopted from shelters that occasionally “help” process customer orders, if you call chewing on the corners of boxes “helping”.

Many people are drawn to the beauty of rabbits in every season, not just at Easter. And Bunny Heaven helps its customers outfit themselves and their environments with images of various breeds of these distinctive but often-misunderstood creatures.

Bunny Heaven is a BizRate.com Customer Certified Merchant, recognized by its online customers for the overall quality of its service. BizRate.com is an unbiased, independent rating guide built upon the experience of millions of actual online buyers.

Founded in 1996, Bunny Heaven is a mail-order catalog and online merchant that sells products with a focus on realistic rabbit themes. The NJ-based company has a worldwide customer base and features over 100 products. Bunny Heaven’s complete product line is available at the company’s Web site at http://www.bunnyheaven.com . Catalogs are available by calling 609-324-9270.

CONTACT: Gale Douglas of Bunny Heaven, 609-324-9270 or
gale@bunnyheaven.com. Photo: NewsCom: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20000321/NYFNSI05 AP Archive: http://photoarchive.ap.org PRN Photo Desk, 888-776-6555 or 201-369-3467. Web site: http://www.bunnyheaven.com.



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