Questions About Topical Parasites


  1. What do dog owners need to understand about parasites and the health risks to their dogs?
  2. What concerns should dog owners have about bites from parasites?
  3. How many bites does it take to possibly infect a pet with a dangerous disease?
  4. What happens when a parasite bites a pet?
  5. What is the potential for disease transmission with oral versus topical products?
  6. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of topical and oral medications?
  7. Some topical products on the market repel bites. What is repellency and how important is this?
  8. What other steps should dog owners take to protect their dogs?
  9. Why should pet owners consult a veterinarian to discuss the best medicine for their pets?
  10. What specific questions should dog owners ask when they visit their veterinarian?

The Why Wait for the Bite campaign content is sponsored by Ceva Animal Health, makers of Vectra 3D®.


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