Queens, NY Woman Wins Goodnewsforpets Contest, Donation Helps Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance

The kitties in Queens just got a bit of boost from their pal Pete. Roberta Hohl of Queens, NY has won the Goodnewsforpets.com “Purrfect Summer Savings Plus Goodies for You + A Shelter Too” contest drawing. Thanks to her adopted cat Pete she has designated her winning $50 donation to Linda’s Feral Cat Rescue Assistance.
In winning the contest, Hohl said, “What a great surprise. I am so happy and excited to win the contest and most of all to help a local shelter. I guess my cat Pete is my lucky charm!”

Pete hangin’ — waiting for his winning Purina Fancy Feast wet cat food dinner coupon to arrive. Meowzzz!

In further commenting about Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance Hohl said, “I am thrilled to give back to Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance. They have helped me so much with my cat and the neighborhood feral cats. They are amazing.”

About Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance

In September 2004, Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance was formed by Linda Bryant to work on behalf of the stray cat population in Woodside. Dedicated volunteers who are experienced in the TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) for feral and stray cats, return the animals to monitored colonies, assist Linda in her work to alleviate the suffering of feral cats.
The good news is that the population of abandoned animals in the area has been markedly reduced because the efforts to eliminate the number of kittens, mainly through the TNR program, have been a great success. However, stray cats and other throwaways continue to roam the streets of Queens; they need to be trapped and neutered and vaccinated for rabies.
The mission of Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance is to reduce the feral cat population and eliminate the pain and suffering of the many unwanted cats who manage to survive on the streets-these animals are frequently the victims of disease, inclement weather, traffic accidents and other mishaps and suffer needlessly from neglect.
TNR also reduces the number of kittens surrendered to city shelters. LFCA also rescues rabbits and finds suitable and secure homes for them. Please do not buy bunnies, there are many for adoption at the city shelters.
Linda’s Feral Cat Assistanceis an independent, not-for-profit organization devoted to the rescue and temporary fostering of feral cats before returning them to their original locations, and finding homes for kittens and cats who are socialized and adoptable. In compliance with the TNR mandate, any animal that is captured and released is assured of shelter, food and monitoring on a daily basis by the LFCA volunteers and are provided with medical treatment whenever required.
Linda Bryant is certified in the TNR program by Neighborhood Cats and the ASPCA. She is also a member of the Mayor’s Alliance of New York, which is working towards the implementation of ‘no-kill’ legislation for adoptable companion animals in New York State.
For more information, go here.

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