Q. Ticks carry a host of diseases that affect both humans and pets. What lesser known disease carried by ticks is on the rise in the Northeast and northern Plains states?

A. Anaplasmosis. The disease is transmitted by the black-legged tick, Western black-legged tick and brown dog tick. Clinical disease in dogs with anaplasmosis may include signs of lethargy, joint pain, and lameness.  Other possible signs include fever, lymphadenopathy, depression and weight loss. Historically, anaplasmosis has been endemic in the Northeast and northern Plains states.  In 2014, the CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps predict higher-than-normal levels for Oregon and Washington, west of the Cascades, as well as Upstate New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Indiana.

Source: Byron Blagburn, MS, PhD and Jay Stewart, DVM article, www.capcvet.org April 2014


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