Q: Who designed the Cat Writers’ Association MUSE Medallion™?


In November, 1994, the newly formed Cat Writers’ Association, held its first writing contest and the MUSE Medallion™ was born.

The Muse Medallion™Answer – Founding member, the late Karen Kuykendall, designed the coveted Muse Medallion™. Karen was also the first recipient of a Muse Medallion. The Muse is awarded to the best work of like kind, such as newspaper articles about health and general care, magazine articles about behavior, or newsletter columns. The special awards go to the entry that best covers a specific topic.

Today, the spirit of the excellence still lives on in the Muse Medallion. That first competition had 5 regular categories and 10 sponsored special awards. Since then the awards have been broadened to most recently include dozens of regular categories and special awards.


Source Cat Writers’ Association


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