Publisher’s Note

For many years, I have been involved with the Cat Writers’ Association, a group of writers, editors, publishers, artists, and broadcasters who share a passion for cats. The association communicates on a regular basis, and is a remarkable source of support for its members. Personally, I have forged many professional and personal relationships though my involvement with this group of cat lovers.

This month, wants to bring attention to the Cat Writers’ Association, its annual conference, and our general love for cats in all mediums (see “Musings on Cats: What Legendary Writers Have Said” and “Cats in the Media”).

As the publicity chair, I am privileged to be on the roster of speakers for the 2007 conference, held Nov. 15-17 in Foster City, Calif. I am presenting on the importance and challenges of publicizing yourself. I will also share my expertise in media training and give attendees tips on being interviewed.

I am excited to attend the Cat Writers’ Association annual conference and will share what I learn with you on

Best Regards,

Lea-Ann Germinder,


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