Publisher’s Note

May 2007

The Know Heartworms campaign featured in this issue combines the voices of two key organizations in the animal health community: the American Heartworm Society and the American Association of Feline Practitioners. KNOW Heartworms would not be possible without Pfizer Animal Health as the funding partner in the campaign. Pfizer’s underwriting has provided the means to disseminate this much-needed information to veterinarians and the pet-owning public.

We now welcome Pfizer Animal Health as a sponsor of When the site was launched more than seven years ago, it was our intent to provide good news from all organizations relevant to animal health. We look forward to providing information from this leading animal health company.

At times, the mission of this site to provide good news has been tempered with sad news, and indeed, we have had to reflect what good can possibly come from it. We have lost a personal friend not only in the KNOW Heartworms campaign, but in much of our previous work. Dr. Jim Richards, director of the Cornell Feline Health Center and past-president of the AAFP, passed from this earth last month. It is still so difficult to comprehend, and we mourn his loss to his family, his friends and his colleagues.

Jim, the only good news here is that we are bonded together to mourn you, to pay tribute to you, and to carry on your message….it’s all about the cats. In that, we can still feel you are with us.

-All of us at


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