PRN® Pharmacal Introduces Collasate® Silver Gel

(Pensacola, Fla. " February 14, 2013)" PRN® Pharmacal introduces Collasate® Silver gel, the first wound healing product for pets to combine collagen and silver oxide. Collasate Silver is the latest addition to the Collasate suite of products from PRN Pharmacal, the makers of PROIN® and a trusted name for over 30 years. Other wound care products include Collasate® Gel and Collasate® Spray.

“Proper wound care and treatment is critical to the healing process of injured pets. We are pleased to introduce Collasate Silver, an innovative product that adds a valuable wound treatment option for the veterinary healthcare team,” said Jeff Santosuosso, Vice President & General Manager.

The complete line of Collasate products contain Type I medical hydrolysate collagen. Collagen enables the body’s own natural healing process and interacts with a wound at every stage of the healing process. The collagen in Collasate Silver is molecularly structured to be even more readily available to the wound site. The collagen begins to work immediately to normalize moisture levels and promote healing.

The silver oxide in Collasate Silver is an antibacterial agent. The silver oxide also maintains a moist wound environment to further inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and microbes, which are readily absorbed into the gel. The easy-to-apply gel reduces pain, is natural, odor-free and conforms to every wound. Collasate® Silver is also an effective alternative to non-invasive wound care programs.

Dr. Scott Smith is the owner of Dodge City Veterinary Hospital in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Dr. Smith has a special interest in orthopedic injuries and internal medicine/endocrinology. While he has not yet tried the new Collasate Silver, he has extensive experience with Collasate Gel and Collasate Spray. He says:

“We use Collasate approximately 50 percent of the time when treating an open wound. Our selection depends upon the age and extent of the injury. For example, we use Collasate on superficial wounds that are over 24 hours old. These wounds are typically treated as “open wounds” and we find that the addition of the Collasate Spray to the treatment regimen speeds the healing time. We will also use this product with dermal dehiscence and find similar results.”

He continues, “The Collasate benefits include reduced scarring and decreased healing time. To my understanding silver is shown to shorten healing time. I think that the addition of silver in Collasate Silver as long as the product stays competitively priced will be a valuable addition.”

Dr. Smith also believes in the importance of educating pet owners on the proper care of wounds including the use of Collasate after they leave the clinic.

“We explain to the owner the importance of collagen in wound healing and the role that Collasate plays when applying to open wounds. We dispense the bottles to the owner to apply to the wounds twice daily after cleaning the wound. Many owners return wanting refills because they find that it works well, “said Smith.To learn more about new Collasate Silver and other PRN Pharmacal products, visit or call 1-800-874-9764.



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