Pokémon & Star Wars Top List Of Pet Costumes For 2016


This Halloween, parties are sure to be peppered with political pundits or Stranger Things costumes, but new data from Yroo, a shopping search engine, sheds light on which costumes are most popular for pets.

Pokémon topped the list, with the majority of pet parents searching for Pikachu costumes, and a small percentage opting for Squirtle. Minion costumes, continuing their hold on pop (and pet!) culture, ranked second, while “Star Wars pet costumes” was the third most popular search. Specific characters from the franchise, like Chewbacca and Ewoks, even garnered their own spots in the top ten list.

“It’s no surprise that people love their pets and want them to share in the celebration, and it’s likely why we’re seeing half of some dynamic duo costumes appear in our searches,” said Nick Zhu, Co-founder & CTO at Yroo. “For each Ash Ketchum or Batman, be on the lookout for a four-legged friend as Pikachu or Robin.”

Yroo’s massive catalogue of over than 7,000 merchants (everything from Amazon and Nordstrom to mom and pop shops) helps consumers find exactly what they’re looking for, at the right price, in an instant. Over 4,700 searches for pet costumes were conducted on Yroo from September 24 – October 2, 2016; the list below reflects the top ten most popular searches.

Top 10 Pet Costumes of 2016

  1. Pokémon pet costume
  2. Minion dog costume
  3. Star Wars pet costume
  4. Ewok dog costume
  5. Chewbacca dog costume
  6. Frozen pet costume
  7. Ghostbusters dog costume
  8. Robin dog costume
  9. Firefighter dog costume
  10. Dinosaur dog costume

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Feature photo by Andrea Arden, used under a creative commons license.


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