Planet Dog Celebrates 10 Years of Romping, Wagging and Giving with Special Edition Anniversary Orbee Balls

Portland, ME (March 2011) – Planet Dog ( is celebrating the 10-year Anniversary of their award-winning Orbee-Tuff® Orbee® Ball. The popular dog ball launched a decade of romping, wagging and giving in 2001. To celebrate the milestone, the pet industry leader has created three Special Edition Anniversary Orbee Balls.

Planet Dog is bringing back one of the very first color combinations, the retro best-selling Lake/Glass Orbee that was originally launched in 2001. The other new color combinations are Red/Teal and Silver/Pink.

The new colors were chosen after soliciting ideas from members of the Planet Dog Pack through an employee contest. Rebekah Roy, Planet Dog’s Front of House, and Linda McKinley, Sales Pack Leader, submitted the winning color combinations. They will be included in the new Planet Dog catalog coming out this spring.

The Orbee-Tuff Orbee Ball is known as the best dog ball on the planet. It has received numerous accolades from editors at leading pet consumer and trade publications over the years including Editor’s Choice Awards as well as many Top New Product Awards.

Dogs love playing with the hollow, globe-shaped toy because it bounces un-predictably, floats and is peppermint scented. Dog Lovers appreciate that it is also extremely durable, non-toxic, made in the USA, 100% guaranteed and recyclable. It is interactive too since treats can be stuffed into its Treat Spot® to entertain dogs for hours. They love the challenge of getting the treats out and of course the reward for their efforts.

All three new color combinations are available in four sizes; small (2.25″), medium (3″), large (4″), and for a limited time, extra large (5″). Wholesale pricing ranges from $3.50 – $8.25. The suggested retail pricing ranges from $7.00 – $16.50. Each size comes in a case of 6-assorted colors (two of each color). Planet Dog will also continue to sell the Orbee Balls in the current color combinations: Blue/Pink; Blue/Green and Orange/Glow.

For retailers, Planet Dog has created a new Orbee-Tuff Counter-Top display. Its clean style allows them to merchandise a beautiful stack of Orbee-Tuff balls of their choice and size. The new display offers a powerful visual impact on a very modest footprint that is perfect for small spaces. It is well-balanced and highly durable, providing a visual WOW from any angle. The display is available in white and is designed to hold six 3″ Orbee Balls. It is FREE with the purchase of any 10 cases of toys from Planet Dog’s entire Orbee-Tuff line.

“In addition to providing retailers with award-winning dog products, we also offer help merchandising and selling them,” says Kristen Smith, Planet Dog’s Brand Ambassador. “The more Planet Dog products we both sell, the more money we can raise to help enable service dogs to help more people,” adds Smith.

In addition to all of its award-winning features, the Orbee-Tuff Orbee Ball also helps support canine service. Planet Dog is proud to donate 2% of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF), its non-profit, to provide cash grants to non-profit programs nationwide. Since January 2006, PDF has given away over $775,000 in cash grants and in-kind product donations to exemplary programs that train, place and support dogs helping people in need. To see the 2% in action, please visit

“The Orbee Ball has put the wag in thousands and thousands of tails for the past 10 years,” says Smith. “And thanks to its success we have been able to raise crucial funds to help service dogs across the country help more children and adults in need,” adds Smith.


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