No Place Like Home Deluxe Dog First Aid Kit



Sunny Dog Deluxe First Aid Home Kit for Dogs

Sunny Dog Deluxe First Aid Home Kit for Dogs

A great way to jump start getting ready your dog kits for National Preparedness Month. This 6” X 6” red bag has three zippered pockets  and is easily carried or waits till needed in your home or car. New items now included are an ID Tag with QR Code by BarkCode that does not need a smartphone (register at no additional charge), Dehydrated Pumpkin & Apple Fiber to aid various intestinal issues and…Canine Calm by Earth Heart, a natural remedy mist to help relax dogs during unsettling situations (thunderstorms, fireworks, training, bath tie, crating, even veterinary visits). Delivered to your door for only $119.99 plus tax, shipping and handling.

“No Place Like Home” Deluxe Dog First-Aid Kit Includes:

Dog First Aid & CPR Pocket Guide by Denise Fleck/Quickfind Books Quick Tips Laminated Pull-Out card
BarkCode Quick Response Pet ID Tag  Canine Calm by Earth Heart (2 fl oz)
Hibiclens/Chlorhexidine Antibacterial Skin Cleanser  Go Dog Total Sports Drink/Electrolytes
Emergency Blanket/Tarp  CPR Germ Barrier Shield
One-size-fits-all Temporary Muzzle with photo instructions  Re-sealable Bag for treats/bio sample
Flat Leash with “D” Ring including photo instructions    for Figure 8 Harness  Cold Pack/compress
3% Hydrogen Peroxide (8 fl oz)  Eye & Wound Wash (4 fl oz)
Latex-free Medical Gloves
Styptic Powder with Cotton Swabs & Instructions  Digital Thermometer/Lubricating Gel
Tweezers  Ticked-off Tick Remover
12cc Curved Tip Syringe  Blunt-nosed Scissors
1″ White Adhesive Tape
Bandaging Materials: 4″ X 4″ Gauze Squares (10)
3″ White Conforming Gauze Roll (2)
4″ Flexible Self-Adhering Bandage
2″ X 3″ Non-Stick Pad for Burns
3″ X 4″ Non-Stick Pad for Burns
Triangular Bandage for Sling/Splinting
Topical Medications: Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)
1% Hydrocortisone Cream (2)
Povidone/Iodine Swabs (2)
Antiseptic Towelettes (2)
Oral Medications: Tri-buffered Aspirin Tablets (4)
Diphenhydramine/Antihistamine Tablets (4)
Diotame/Antacid Tablets (4)
 Dehydrated Pumpkin/Apple Fiber for intestinal issues

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