Petlinks Flitter Fly


PetlinksFlitterFlyThe Flitter Fly™ (MSRP $34.99) is an entirely new take on motion cat toys. This whirl-and-catch wind toy blows colorful butterflies and lightweight feathers around a clear bowl with a gentle fan that’s safe for cats. Cats delight in poking a paw through the top opening, trying to catch the swirling butterflies. Sporadically a feather will fly out of the bowl, inspiring cats to pounce. The variable speed fan speeds up, slows down and occasionally stops to captivate cats, and the timed auto-shutoff feature helps preserve the life of the included replaceable batteries. Sprinkle in a bit of the complimentary Pure Bliss™ organic catnip into the bowl to ramp up the excitement of playtime.


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