3 New Year’s Resolutions For You & Your Pet


New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for humans anymore: Sixty-one percent of pet owners have made a resolution for their dog or cat, according to new research.

New Year’s resolutions have gone to the dogs… and some cats. A study of 1,000 pet owners suggests that, as the ball dropped into 2019, approximately half of all dog owners made a resolution for their canine companion, compared to 27 % of cat owners. We expect this trend to continue into the new decade and beyond.

pet new years resolutionsMost people view the new year as a chance to get healthier, this is also true of pet parents with the addition of resolutions for their pet’s health too. In fact, 71 percent of pet owners view the new year as a chance to help their pet get healthier.

Pet health resolutions aren’t just beneficial for the pet, either. The study found 43 percent of owners who have put their pet on a weight loss diet or exercise plan, 81 percent dieted/exercised along with them. More than half of pet parents surveyed said they’d be more likely to stick with their own plan if their pet included.

Three New Year’s resolutions that were inspired by pets for pet parents, though that doesn’t mean your pet can’t join in the journey.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Get more exercise
  3. See new places

Drink More Water

The general rule of thumb for proper hydration is 0.5 to 1.0 ounce of water to ever 1 pound of body weight. The recommended amount of water intake is the same for both humans and pets, making this resolution a team effort. When you see your pet take a sip, it is a reminder for you to take a sip, too!

Frisco gravity waterer new years resolutionsTo start off the new year right, you may consider getting yourself an app that offers hydration reminders to keep you on track. Help your pet stick to their the New Year’s resolution with a new water bowl!

Turn the water bowl into a self-replenishing oasis for your pal with the Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer. Bringing instant hydration, the gravity waterer automatically refilling the reservoir after they drink. It is a stress-free way to provide a constant supply of water for dogs and cats alike. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly choice as the clear water bottle is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Get More Exercise

new year resolutions cat tree cat daddyGet up and get moving! Well, sometimes that is easier said than done. January also happens to be National Walk Your Dog Month and Goodnewsforpets has you covered for ideas, accessories and more.

Don’t forget to offer our felines exercise outlets too. Incorporating environmental enrichments that trigger a cat’s predatory instinct encourage them to engage in a little aerobic activity and fun.

We all know cats love to play with, climb and scratch surfaces. The Armarkat 68-in Cat Tree is just the ticket to get indoor cats the exercise they need.  Armarkat’s cat trees are well-designed and provide the safe and durable framework your kitty needs to climb and conquer. It is also Jackson Galaxy Cat Daddy Approved! Help your feline start the new year off on the right paw and learn more here.

See New Places

Fueled by millennials looking to include their pets in their travel plans, more pet parents are planning pet-friendly adventure travel. These types of trips can be active, inspire exploration, or involve experiencing something for the first time.  Perhaps, cross-country journey to the largest dog park or a new park the town over, get exploring with your pets!

frisco pet travel carrier new year resolutions

Goodnewsforpets always stresses safety for you and your pets in any activity. A growing number of pet parents are just as mindful, taking the proper measure to secure pets for travel by car or plane. If flying, check with your airline what the procedure is for traveling safely in the air with your pet. Hitting the open road? Properly secured pets in vehicles include the use of pet seat belts, pet car seats, travel kennels, and vehicle pet barriers.

Due to its versatility with small pets, we recommend going in style with the Frisco Travel Pet Carrier. Designed to comply with the under-seat compartment requirements of most airlines, this carrier lets you and your pal go places. Keeping your pet comfy and secure it boasts a fleece sherpa-lined flooring and locking zippers only unzipped from the outside. It has top and side entries for easy in and out, shoulder and luggage straps and a back pocket for all your essentials. Featuring all that and more the Frisco Travel Pet Carrier is a winner, learn more here.

Take our suggestions or make your own, but remember for a guaranteed happy start to the new year just include your pet!





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