Pet Food Institute Study Finds More and More US Households Own Pets

WASHINGTON, March 2/PRNewswire/ — A new study sponsored by the Pet Food Institute (PFI) confirms that the number of pet dogs and cats in the United States has reached an all time high. In 2000, a majority of American households, approximately 55 percent, had at least one pet dog or cat, with many providing homes for both.

Compiled with the assistance of the NPD Group, the PFI Pet Incidence Trend study shows that in 2000 there were over 75 million pet cats and 59 million pet dogs in the U.S. The percentage of cat owning households reached a record high last year with over 34 percent of all households having at least one pet cat. The percentage of households owning dogs remained constant, with approximately 37 percent home to a pet dog.

According to Duane Ekedahl, the Institute’s executive director, these numbers come as no surprise, “For 20 years we have seen the number of pet dogs and cats increase in the U.S. This just shows the important part pets play in all our lives.” The Pet Food Institute began tracking the population of pet dogs and cats in the U.S. in 1981. Since that time the number of pet dogs has grown by more than five million while the total U.S. pet cat population has increased by over 30 million animals.

The Pet Food Institute is the voice of the U.S. pet food industry, representing companies that produce 95 percent of the commercial dog and cat food made in America. Founded in 1958, the PFI has worked with the pet food
industry to provide safe and nutritious products for America’s pet dogs and cats. For additional information on the Pet Food Institute and complete statistics on the PFI Pet Incidence Trend study, please visit

CONTACT: Stephen E. Payne, Public Relations Manager of the Pet Food Institute, 202-367-1120


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