Paws for June Graduations

Cocoa Chillin During Graduation Festivities

Cocoa was okay with it so I am hoping my friends here will be too.  Here it is July and the Goodnewsforpets team was clamoring after me for content for the website blog.  I have to admit I was perplexed.  Hadn’t I been busy enough these past few weeks?  I was posting and tweeting, instagramming.  Making photo albums and collaging.  Sharing. Then I looked at the blog.  Uh, last post May? What. Had. Happened.  Good intentions.  A lot to say. A lot of to cover.  But then it started — Graduation Times Two! First up, daughter Elizabeth who worked early on at Germinder & Associates and helped out with proofing Goodnewsforpets copy  in high school but inexplicably decided her talents were of better use in the medical field.  We proudly celebrated her graduation  from her surgery residency in Kansas City, Missouri.  Celebration #1 with family and friends and all the trimmings.



Joe G in Goodnewsforpets Launch Offices Circa 2000


Then one week later on the East Coast, youngest son Joseph,  who doesn’t’ remember a time his mom didn’t work and who has helped on every aspect of Goodnewsforpets, celebrated his all important senior prom, then graduated from high school in Tenafly, New Jersey.  Celebration #2 with family and friends with all the trimmings. Then it was on to student orientation at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  Oldest son Richard and his wife Julianne had just built a home in Columbia, Missouri.  Off to see them too. Now, if you asked my family what I did during this time, they would say I was also busy with work. Yes, I did that too.  Cocoa our cat just quietly observed it all.  I obviously wasn’t blogging.  It seems quite easy to explain now, but believe me, deciding how to write this blog post wasn’t. Goodnewsforpets team,  I’m on it!

Goodnewsforpets Graduation Owl Mascot




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