Nicolosi Wins Fetch for Pets Goodnewsforpets 20th Anniversary Contest

The results are in. We’re thrilled to announce that Little Ricky and Lucy’s “humom” Larissa Nicolosi of Greencastle, PA (aka @ilonglucy) is the winner of the third Goodnewsforpets 20th anniversary “Charmed by the Love” contest.  She and her pet pups will receive the stylish Terrazo collection of pet products from Now House by Jonathan Adler for Pets brought to you by Fetch For Pets: a Duo Medium Bowl, a Camel Chew Toy and a 6 Foot Multi-Functional Nylon Leash.

Now House by Johnathan Adler Charmed by the Love Contest

In addition, Nicolosi  also chose the prestigious American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) Decoding Your Dog book. (A companion Decoding Your Cat Book will be out in July). She also receives a Heart-Paw Charm and a $50 donation will be made in her name by to Mostly Muttz Rescue.  Nicolosi adopted Little Ricky,  from Mostly Muttz Rescue just over a year ago. Commenting about her prize package Nicolosi said,

“We love Fetch For Pets and Jonathan Adler and can’t wait to get our paws on this great package! I’m thrilled to get the dog book from the College of Veterinary Behaviorists, and I know April Moyer the founder of Mostly Muttz Rescue will be ecstatic about the shout-out and recognition for all the amazing work they do. It took six years to get matched with a rescue brother for Lucy and Mostly Muttz made it so easy and rewarding when we were about ready to give up.”

Watch for Mostly Muttz Rescue to be highlighted on

Nicolosi will now be entered along with the other contest winners to be eligible for the Grand Prize. More contests are on the way very soon including more featuring products from our friends at Fetch For Pets.


Cassandra Darens of San Bernardino, CA was the winner of the first Goodnewsforpets 20th anniversary “Charmed by the Love” contest featuring a Melissa & Doug stuffed Labrador toy. She selected the ACVB Decoding Your Cat book and received the Goodnewsforpets Heart-Paw Charm. A donation was made by Goodnewsforpets on her behalf to the San Bernadino Humane Society.

Christina Rabadan of Scottdale, Georgia was the winner of the second Goodnewsforpets 20th anniversary “Charmed by the Love” contest featuring the luxurious Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed Carrier. She selected the ACVB Decoding Your Cat book and received the Goodnewsforpets Heart-paw Charm. Sleepypod donated a Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue and a donation was made by on Rabadan’s behalf to the rescue.

Who will be next? 

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