Under the sponsorship of Hills Pet Nutrition, award winning writers and lecturers Ed and Toni Eames have written and produced “Partners in Independence,” an 11-minute video illustrating the work done by guide, hearing and service dogs and the variety of dogs working as canine assistants.

The video graphically illustrates assistance dogs performing the tasks which keep their disabled partners independent. Guide dogs are shown guiding their partners across busy streets, going through crowded stores and maneuvering around obstacles. Hearing dogs alert their partners to the smoke alarm, kitchen timer and door knock. Service dogs are seen pulling wheelchairs, retrieving dropped or requested items and turning light switches on and off. After guiding their blind partners through the airport, the Eames’ Golden Retriever guide dogs Echo and Escort settle under the seats of the plane. A deaf woman is alerted by her hearing dog to her name being called by a hotel clerk wanting to return the credit card left at the registration desk. A service dog opens a refrigerator, takes a wrapped package to the partner, and then returns to close the refrigerator door!

The video has been tested with Delta Airlines employees and can be incorporated into the training of transportation, hotel, restaurant and entertainment staff. Many of the questions we all have about assistance dogs are graphically answered. The video can be obtained from the Eames at 3376 North Wishon, Fresno, CA 93704, Tel. 559-224-0544, for a tax deductible contribution of $20 supporting the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners, a cross-disability consumer advocacy organization.




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