New Book Released by Mordecai Siegal

I Just Got a Kitten. What Do I Do?

Bringing home a new kitten can be an exciting event. However, learning how to care for a new cat and recognizing their needs and wants can quickly become frustrating. Written specifically for owners of felines I JUST GOT A KITTEN. WHAT DO I DO? How to Buy, Train, Understand, and Enjoy Your Kitten (Fireside/Simon & Schuster; February 2006: 0-7•B2-4509-1; S 14.00) by renowned cat-care expert Mordecai Siegal, will help all cat owners with every question they may have from the moment they welcome home their new furry friend.

I JUST GOT A KITTEN. WHAT DO I DO? is a comprehensive guide to caring for your new kitten. Each chapter guides readers through the many milestones and challenges of raising a healthy kitten. such as:

  • Navigating the adoption process
  • Selecting the kitten that’ s right for you
  • Understanding kitten behavior
  • Testing your kitten’s personality
  • Socializing and bonding
  • Meeting your kitten’s individual needs
  • Solving common problems, such as: scratching furniture, litter box training, eating plants, allergies, medical issues, and much more

A Fireside Trade Paperback

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