New AVMA President Outlines Vision for Future

Schaumburg, IL — In a speech before the House of Delegates, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) President René A. Carlson, DVM, called on all members to plan ahead today for a thriving future that will see tremendous advances in veterinary economics, education and global health. The speech in its entirety may be viewed at the AVMA Media Library and YouTube.

“This will be a new AVMA, one that will be more interactive and program-based for the benefit of our members and the public; one that will engage and empower its members to be the authorities and leaders on issues of veterinary medicine; one that is fully engaged in global relationships and the global economy,” said Dr. Carlson.

“We have everything we need in place to effect these changes. We have a will on the part of leadership, a strong organizational base with interested members and an exceptional staff that is ready, willing and able to help us get it done,” she continued. “All we need to do is mobilize and direct that energy toward these common goals. It can be done. And I am telling you, it must be done.”

Dr. Carlson outlined her plans as association president to the House of Delegates on July 15. She assumed presidency of the AVMA on July 19, the final day of the association’s annual convention held in St. Louis. View Dr. Carlson’s speech on the AVMA Media Library,’s_speech_to_all_AVMA_members or on YouTube, For more information, visit


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