NCVEI to Develop New Benchmarking Tool to Focus on Wellness Protocols

In response to feedback from veterinarians who participated in the 2004National Pet Wellness Month campaign, the National Commission onVeterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI) will develop a new benchmarking tooland related data to support veterinarians when they decide to integratetwice-a-year pet wellness exam protocols into their practices. The benchmarkingtool will be funded, in part, by Fort Dodge Animal Health.

NCVEI is the industry’s best source for independent, real time datathat veterinarians and clinic staff can use to improve their practice. Withmore and more practices recommending twice-a-year wellness exams, it isimportant for clinic staff to have access to information about examprotocols that foster better patient care and clinic financial success.NCVEI will provide those tools.

According to Howard Rubin, NCVEI’s Chief Executive Officer, “Twice yearlywellness exams enhance the delivery of quality veterinary care; it’s goodmedicine and good business.”

To help in accomplishing this task, a pet wellness task force has beenformed. It will draw upon the experience of veterinarians who have successfullyintegrated twice-a-year wellness exams into their practices as well asveterinary consultants. Insightand information from thisresearch will be provided toNCVEI, which will use the datain creating appropriate NCVEIbenchmarks for twice-a-yearpet wellness exams.

The AVMA and Fort Dodge areinterested in hearing fromveterinarians and clinic staffwho practice in and/or manageclinics that recommend twice-a-yearpet wellness exams. To participatein this research effort,please email the National PetWellness Month headquarters at

NCVEI is a joint venture of the AVMA, the American Animal HospitalAssociation and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges,and is funded, in part, by Fort Dodge Animal Health. NCVEI has 38 freebenchmarking tools, available at, addressing all aspects ofveterinary practice ranging from pricing to operations.



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