NAVTA Highlights “I’ll Be O.K.” by Dr. Randy Lange

Josh is a typical Golden Retriever, very loving with a tail that never stops wagging! He lives with Dr. Randy Lange, a veterinarian, and his family. Jessica, Dr. Lange’s daughter, was scheduled for a tonsillectomy and was terrified of having surgery. Like every parent, Dr. Lange hated to see his daughter terrified of her upcoming surgery and was frustrated at the lack of materials explaining surgery at a child’s level.

Jessica had her surgery, and during her recovery at a local Children’s Miracle Network hospital, Dr. Lange developed a very deep concern for the children he saw without loved ones present. Work and other responsibilities often force parents to leave their children alone in the hospital. His concern for his daughter and the children he met led him to write “I’ll Be O.K.”

The story highlights Josh and a serious surgery he is facing. He talks about hospital visits, tests, and surgery from a dog’s point of view, a perspective shared by children. Josh introduces us to several of his friends in the book. First, there’s Jessica, a little girl who is Josh’s best friend. Smudge is his best dog buddy who tries to keep Josh out of trouble, but she is rarely successful. Then, there’s Dr. Rick, Josh’s own special doctor. At first, Josh doesn’t know what to think about this guy who’s pinching and poking him. Very quickly however, Dr. Rick earns a place in a very close circle of friends.Illustrator Betsy Tarpley Lesher brought the story of Josh, Jessica, and Smudge to life with her unique style of illustration. She gives the book a fresh, upbeat look that reflects the story’s positive outlook on a serious subject. The book is packaged with a plush version of the real Josh.

Most hospitals will allow the plush Josh to accompany a child through pre-op procedures and rejoin them in recovery. Even when Mom and Dad aren’t around, Josh will be there, reminding children that everything will be O.K. Josh and his story have been endorsed by a prestigious group of educators, medical professionals, and corporate sponsors including the Children’s Miracle Network and Bayer Animal Health. The Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping hospitalized kids by raising funds and awareness for 170 hospitals. These hospitals help 14 million kids each year – kids with cancer, birth defects, AIDS, trauma, and every affliction imaginable. The Children’s Miracle Network hospitals are the finest in the world and will provide quality care to every child who needs it regardless of their family’s ability to pay.A portion of the purchase of the plush Josh and book goes to the Children’s Miracle Network. For more information on how you can become part of a network that makes a difference in a sick child’s life, call, write, or e-mail for more details.


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