Morris Animal Foundation Fact (MAF) Sheet

  • Founded in 1948, today MAF is the world’s largest charitable, nonprofit organization funding research to protect, treat and cure animals worldwide — including both companion animals and wildlife. MAF has been at the forefront of funding breakthrough research studies benefiting animals in some 100 countries, spanning all seven continents on earth. MAF has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
  • MAF’s founder, Mark L. Morris Sr., was a veterinarian whose pioneering, unique research on diet and animal health saved millions of dogs from kidney failure and revolutionized the pet food industry. In addition, it was Dr. Morris who led the effort for passage of federal legislation requiring all pet food sold in the U.S. to be safe and have nutritional value.
  • MAF has sponsored more than 1,500 health research studies for animals.
  • Thousands of scientists and research team members have been involved in MAF studies.
  • For nearly three generations, virtually every practicing veterinarian in the U.S. and many throughout the world have directly or indirectly benefited from MAF research. Likewise, MAF research has had profound impacts at zoos, universities and health institutions worldwide.
  • Thousands of veterinary and graduate students have received training and support from MAF.
  • MAF research is helping to save the last 700 mountain gorillas on earth.
  • MAF research contributed to the globally celebrated births of Tai Shan and Mei Lan, (extraordinarily rare and endangered) giant pandas at the National Zoo and the Atlanta Zoo.
  • MAF has launched a global Canine Cancer Campaign, involving the canine genome and designed to cure canine cancer in the next 10-20 years, which has major potential impacts for human cancer treatments. Over the years MAF has funded research to save dogs from blindness and other terrible health problems. A vaccine developed via MAF research protects puppies from the deadly parvovirus infection.
  • MAF funds many research studies for the benefit of cats, which have included development of a vaccine to eliminate the severe threat from feline leukemia and research on treatment for feline diabetes and a host of other related health concerns for both domestic and big cats.
  • MAF has launched the Equine Consortium for Genetic Research, involving research to accelerate comprehensive investigations of horse health issues, treatments and cures. MAF research is supporting all forms of horse health studies from colic to laminitis to foal diseases.
  • MAF research uncovered causes and solutions related to disease transmission in sea otters, funded health investigations on fish and amphibians, and produced the first toad through in vitro fertilization.
  • MAF can be said to be literally “for the birds,” funding urgent global studies investigating prevention of avian flu, plus health and habitat research for wild and pet birds.

For more information on MAF research and our global mission to serve animals, visit us at — or in the U.S., call toll-free: 800-243-2345.


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