Morris Animal Foundation Selects 17 Ballard Students

ENGLEWOOD, CO- Morris Animal Foundation announces the appointment of 17 new Ballard Students as Foundation representatives at veterinary colleges across the United States and in Colorado. The 17 veterinary students new to the program are: Josianne Arbour, University of Montreal; Judith Brandt, Washington State University; Walker Brown, Tuskegee University; Danielle Cain, North Carolina State University; Creslin Derkacht, Oregon State University; Mark Dilday, University of California-Davis; Katherine Hightower, Louisiana State University; Debra Myers, Iowa State University; Jennifer Pittman, The University of Georgia; Sharon Reighn, Purdue University; Michelle Rider, University of Minnesota; Cori Stephen, University of Saskatchewan; Kelly Symonds, Oklahoma State University; Allison Terpack, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ashley Whitehead, University of Guelph; TaMarra Woodling, University of Missouri; and Michelle Zarif, Tufts University. These 17 new students join 14 others who are in their second year of service.

“With a devotion to animals and the veterinary profession, these students are valuable to advancing the Foundation’s mission,” says Robert Hilsenroth, DVM, Morris Animal Foundation’s executive director. “We welcome them to Morris Animal Foundation and are delighted to work with them.”

Morris Animal Foundation’s Ballard Student Program started in 1980 with a generous gift from the late Joseph Ballard Jr., of Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Ballard was president of Morris Animal Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 1977-1982 and Chairman of the Board from 1982-1983. His legacy continues to encourage veterinary students to pursue excellence in their studies and to serve as student ambassadors for the Foundation. Morris Animal Foundation is represented at 31 veterinary schools in the United States and in Canada.

As Foundation ambassadors, Ballard Students work to educate the student body and the faculty at the veterinary schools about the Foundation’s vital role in advancing veterinary medicine. The students use a variety of media to reach their peers including presentations, bulletin boards, and exhibits at school-sponsored events. Ballard Students are selected at the end of their freshman or sophomore year and begin serving their two-year terms the following fall semester.

“Ballard Students represent the future in veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Hilsenroth. “With their fresh outlook and innovative ideas, these students promote the Foundation in a unique manner.”

Morris Animal Foundation is a 55-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring a healthier tomorrow for companion animals and wildlife. Since its inception, the Foundation has funded 1,050 humane animal health studies with funds exceeding $29 million. One hundred percent of all annual, unrestricted contributions support animal health studies, not administration or the cost of fund raising. For more information about Morris Animal Foundation, call (800) 243-2345, or visit the Web site at


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