NORMAN, Okla., Dec. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Mr. Jinx, Robert DeNiro’s pampered-but-vexing kitty cat in Meet The Parents, has become the poster child for toilet-trained cats. But what millions of movie fans wanted to know after seeing the film is: can cat owners actually train a non-movie star cat to use the biffy?

When CatSeat(TM) inventor Kevin Rymer first saw the all-too-graphic movie trailer for Meet The Parents, he just about wet his own pants. For the past five years, Rymer — an Oklahoma cat owner and banker — has dedicated himself to the pursuit of developing the world’s first truly effective training system specifically designed to toilet train a cat.

The result is the first toilet seat designed for cats — a patented
product — that can reliably train one or more cats within two weeks, and that converts for human use at the push of a button. Meet The Parents has caused a flood of traffic to the seat’s one-of-a-kind website,( ), where orders have been brisk for its company,Feline Evolution ($99.95+ SH), and comes complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“When I saw the Robert DeNiro character explain in detail how he trained his cat Jinx to be toilet-trained, I screamed,” said Rymer. “‘That’s exactly right!’ I said, pointing at the movie screen. My girlfriend thought I was a bit crazy — but I have been dedicated for several years to this very thing!”

The five-step system, developed under the advice of veterinarians, takes into account a cat’s resistance to change, but none-the-less helps it to gradually become comfortable over a number of days using the toilet. The CatSeat does this through a replacement toilet seat (and training videotape — for the humans) that features retractable shelves and two small training trays of cat litter directly beneath the seat.

Americans spend an average of over $3000 on cat litter over the lifetime of their pet.

One customer from Minnesota wrote in that her cat loves to show visitors to her home the new “trick” it has learned, and makes a B-line for the bathroom to demonstrate.

To order the Cat-Seat, go to or call 877-902-4222 ($99.95 +s/h). 30-day money-back guarantee. Available only via the web or direct telephone orders. Three colors available — white, pink and blue. All major credit cards accepted.



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