The Loving Bowl


the loving bowlThe Loving Bowl was designed for pets with flat faces (Brachycephalic Breeds), whether it is your cat, dog or rabbit they will benefit with the use of The Loving Bowl. Older pets will also find the many merits of this simple modification. Today’s pet bowls are what man has made for himself, not for our beloved friends. The Loving Bowl is pet friendly with its multi-levels that provides your pet greater access to its meal. Your pet will no longer have to chase its food around its dish. Grinding its face into the bottom of the bowl is a thing of the past. No more food embedded in the wrinkles of their face and far less mess and waste to clean up.


Brachycephalic means ‘short head’ (“brachis” = short and “cephalus” = head)
Animals with very short heads are called brachycephalic. Due to this condition the main problems associated with this breed are linked to breathing and eating.


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