Honoring Lorie Huston & Sophia Yin: Their Legacies Live On


I wrote a post not too long ago about Dr. Lorie Huston’s roar, or lack thereof.  Lorie Huston, our first official guest column interview since the relaunch of Goodnewsforpets, did anything but roar. Her quiet demeanor and lack of limelight seeking intriqued me even more to figure this wonderwoman out.  What roared in my book and others was her commitment to lead the Cat Writer’s Association and represent her veterinary profession well in the social media space. Why else would over 6,000 people follow her on twitter (@LorieAHuston)!  The Winn Feline Foundation thought she should be acknowledged for her accomplishments as well. So did Blog Paws.  I’m glad she was the first veterinarian to receive the Winn Feline Foundation Media Award for her social media work. Sadly Lori passed away today, September 30th, 2014 but it is truly my hope that her legacy of commitment to bringing solid veterinary information to the pet-owning public in the social media context will continue.

Dr. Sophia Yin was a veterinarian who was an expert in the field of animal behavior who recently passed away suddenly far too young, ending a brilliant career.  My interaction with Sophia was less involved, earlier in my days in animal health, but I remember it well.  I met her at a Dog Writers of America Association meeting in Houston several years ago when she was just learning how to do public speaking.  She was very shy but yet determined.  She was writing for one of the San Francisco newspapers at the time but had firm ideas about the books she would write and the courses she would teach.  I watched in awe as it all unfolded as the years flew by.   While I didn’t end up working directly with Sophia, she and I would touch base now and again and she was always enthusiastic about whatever she was working on. A sharp mind gone too soon, it is my hope her legacy of work in animal behavior will also live on.

Goodnewsforpets has celebrated good news for pets for 14 years.  We have celebrated the leaders in veterinary medicine and in the pet world.  Sometimes we pause to honor those who are no longer with us. Today, it is times two. Lorie and Sophia, you will be missed.














Feature photo by L.C. Nøttaasen used under a creative commons license.




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