RAYMOND, Maine, April 5 /PRNewswire/ — 3.6 billion pounds of dog waste/year is produced in the United States alone!!!!! This is equal to 800 football fields, one foot high.

This is a hidden health issue that no one wants to “touch” as approximately 50 million registered dogs in the United States produces more than 5,000 tons of waste daily.

Dog waste frequently releases Toxocara worm eggs into the ground, where the eggs remain for long periods of time. Dr. Mervyn Taylor with the Children’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, recently found an unexpectedly high 30% of 2000 school children he examined had developed antibodies to the Toxocara worm, suggesting exposure to animal feces or property exposed to dog waste. The symptoms of Toxocariasis infection include fatigue, headaches, chest ailments, abdominal pain, and even partial blindness. Can you imagine if only 10% of our children are silently affected? When is the percentage enough to look at the solution?

The US Centers for Disease Control has issued Toxocariasis prevention recommendations that include deworming pets and promptly removing and disposing of their waste. The CDC is working closely with the American Veterinarian Association’s Parasitic Division to encourage veterinarians to educate pet owners about the risks of disease transmission from dog waste.

A cleaner, healthier and more environmentally friendly solution to the dog waste problem, found in millions of acres of public green spaces, is the Dog Toilet System(TM), developed and distributed by LIPA USA, Inc. in Raymond, Maine.

The Dog Toilet System — installed at parks, campgrounds, beaches, condominiums, veterinarian clinics and public lands-provides both a safe receptacle for accumulated waste, and pick-up bags available to any dog walker. “PICK UP, BAG IT and DISPOSE IT” is the answer to this nagging urban and suburban dilemma. Even waste disposal companies applaud a system that reduces unsanitary contact with animal waste.

According to Dr. Mark Mason, a veterinarian from the Bath-Brunswick area of Maine, ” The Dog Toilet System has been a huge hit in this area and is very easy to maintain. The system keeps our grounds looking good and really cuts down on odor.” The Dog Toilet system used across the country from coast to coast, is a low cost solution for a high risk health concern that can impact adults and children who share grassy spaces with dogs. With the Dog Toilet System everyone wins. Municipalities love it because it is a proactive solution and dog walkers too, because they are free to walk anywhere with
their dogs.

Now is the time! BE RESPONSIBLE, pick up after your dogs and regularly deworm them to prevent a potentially dangerous health hazard as well.

For more information about dog waste call 1-800-211-LIPA, e-mail address: or visit the website

CONTACT: Henry Carlton of LIPA USA, 1-800-211-LIPA.



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