Lions, Pups, and Bears, and Keeping Clean — Oh My!


The adorable Bideawee pups and oh yes, Dr. Evan Antin were already playing on the couch when I arrived, ready for the interview just a month past Global Pet Expo in Orlando. The Bideawee volunteers,  Clorox rep and Ketchum reps were gracious but not overbearing. And Dr. Antin? Relaxed and ready to talk pet adoption, keeping homes and shelters clean, his experience filming Animal Planet’s Evan Goes Wild and that final episode. SPOILER ALERT: A dental cleaning on a bear ready to go awry! Check out our teaser clip below!

Dr. Evan Antin with a Bideawee PupSo what’s the deal with this special vet? Why the magical allure? Take a look at his Insta account @dr.evanantin and you’ll know. But there’s more than a camera-ready face here. He has an authentic passion for all animals and it shines through. He cares about them and he’s doing what he loves. That’s why he just received the Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award. He was just as gracious, approachable and relaxed now as he was at the Purina reception. While I grew up in New York, I lived in Kansas City for over twenty years. I can see the combination of his Midwestern roots and California cool come through. No act and a youthful vibe that can’t be contrived, especially when you are out in the wild!

What does the Clorox brand see in him – a brand I personally know and love since my youth as well? According to the representative, he’s an amazing animal expert who really speaks to the very unusual and often not thought about ways that bleach or other products can serve a purpose; especially for the ones we love the most.

Interestingly, Clorox is in about 67% of households across America. Their rationale is if it’s already underneath your sink, they want it to go further for you with the ones who you really care about, so they’re just really happy to have him speak to it. They readily acknowledge they are not the experts in animal care, he is, he uses the products both in his clinic and in his own home, believes in the products and is a veterinarian and a Clorox spokesperson. (With an impressive following I might add).

It appears to be a great relationship and Clorox wants to do well by the work that they do with their partnership with him. In addition to underwriting the effort of the puppies for donation, Clorox made donations to Bideawee for attendees of the event, including me as well as gave me a sample of the product to try at home. As a big supporter but small company supporting nonprofits, we know every little bit helps. Big brands have many choices, so thank you Clorox!

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