Kim Thornton Honored by the Winn Feline Foundation

At its October meeting, the board of directors awarded the 2006 Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award to well-known journalist andeditor Kim Campbell Thornton.

After serving as an editor at Fancy Publications (now Bowtie), Kim began a new career in 1996 as a freelance writer, launched by her book Your Aging Cat. Her articles appear in many pet and veterinary publications. In recent articles, Kim has discussed the important role that genetic discoveries are playing in veterinary medicine, ways to curb feline obesity, and the ritual and memorials that can help you saygoodbye to a beloved pet.

Kim has written or contributed to several books about cats (and dogs), including Starting Out Right With Your New Cat, published by Innova in 2005. Kim has also been actively involved with both the Dog Writers’ Association and the Cat Writers’ Association. She currently writes a monthly pet column called Creature Comforts for

Winn President Dr. Susan Little said, “”Kim’s writing has been an important educational tool for helping the pet-owning public understandthe health and welfare of cats.”” The Winn board also recognizes Kim for her assistance in raising public awareness about the Foundation andits work to improve the lives of all cats.

Kim received the Media Appreciation Award on air on Oct. 29, on the PetCentral radio show hosted by Steve Dale on WGN Radio Chicago. Steve wasthe inaugural recipient of the Winn Media Award in 2005.



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