Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed


Ketzel, the Cat That Composed is a award-winning children’s book inspired by a true story. This heartfelt story has won a 2016 Association of Jerwish Libraries Sydney Taylor Award and author Lesléa Newman walked away from the recent 22nd Annual Cat Writers’ International Communications Contest as a winner in the Books for Children category and the Litter-ary Award sponsored by World’s Best Cat Litter.


         Hardcover: $16.99, Author: Lesléa Newman, Illustrator: Amy June Bates

A kitten’s stroll down a keyboard leads to a celebrated one-minute composition in this charming portrait of a remarkable true friendship.

Moshe Cotel was a composer who lived in a noisy building on a noisy street in a noisy city. But Moshe didn’t mind. Everything he heard was music to his ears. One day, while out for a walk, he heard a small, sad sound that he’d never heard before. It was a tiny kitten! “Come on, little Ketzel,” Moshe said, “I will take you home and we will make beautiful music together.” And they did—in a most surprising way. Inspired by a true story, Lesléa Newman and Amy June Bates craft an engaging tale of a creative man and the beloved cat who brings unexpected sweet notes his way.

Age Range: 5 – 8 years
Grade Level: Kindergarten – 3
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Candlewick (October 6, 2015)
Language: English


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