Jackpot Wins Our Summer Fun With Your Pet Contest

Jackpot, a poodle/bichon mix who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his owner, Vicki Howell, has won the Goodnewsforpets.com “Summer Fun with Your Pet” contest. The prize is a basket of toys customized to Jackpot’s small size and featured at the 2010 Global Pet Expo.

Vicki Howell and Jackpot

Vicki Howell and Jackpot

For the winning entry, “Jackpot at the Ocean,” Howell, who is a retired flight attendant, took four-month-old Jackpot on his first airplane from Texas to Florida. The video features Jackpot with Howell and his “Unkie” Ed as Jackpot tentatively explores the Florida Ocean for the first time. The video is set to a catchy tune with captions and features ocean waves and sunny skies, but adorable Jackpot is clearly the star. He’s happy to have close supervision by Howell and Unkie Ed.

“Jackpot was the best traveler! He never made a sound, and when we arrived in Palm Beach, he was very happy to meet Unkie Ed. The next day, we went to the beach to see how Jackpot liked the ocean. We went to Juno Beach because they allow dogs on that beach,” said Howell.

Howell first saw the contest on the Internet and decided to enter Jackpot’s first adventure in the Ocean.

“It is wonderful to win. The best part is sharing the video of Jackpot with others. He thinks he is a movie star already. Jackpot will love his toys and he loves toys that squeak. He plays with his toys all the time,” said Howell.

Howell selected the Hurst Texas Shelter to receive the matching monetary donation.

Unkie Ed

Unkie Ed

“I know them at the Hurst shelter. It is a wonderful place and they do a great job. They need anything that they can get. Thank you so much! “said Howell.

“I have wanted a dog for a long time. Now that I am retired, I can have one. I wanted a dog to travel with me. He loves to go bye-bye and we take a trip every single day in his rolling carrier. He loves that. He’s very smart. Jackpot will travel with me except when I fly to Europe. During those trips, Jackpot will stay with Unkie Ed in Florida.

Now that Jackpot has won toys, Howell plans to have a “funeral” for a few of the toys. The first to be honored is Pinky Pig. According to Howell, he is now Stinky Pinky, and he will be buried with dignity. Jackpot will wear a top hat, all the other toys will attend the funeral, and there will be a video.

Stay tuned! Congratulations Jackpot, Vicki and Unkie Ed from Goodnewsforpets.com!

For more on Jackpot, visit http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1096040952#!/profile.php?id=1512931780.


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