Jack Stephens: Celebrating Pet Insurance, PR & The Entrepreneurial Spirit

lassiejackstephens1Dr. Jack Stephens sent me a note the other day about the 30th anniversary of pet insurance.  It was in April, 1982 that Jack founded an industry and announced the first pet insurance policy for none other than Lassie!  Photo confirmation here  — Jack’s the guy with the mustache!

Being involved in the pet industry and veterinary profession for many years myself, I truly understand the important of pet health insurance.  In fact, I and my teams worked with Jack for a few years while he still led Veterinary Pet Insurance, and then again when he recommended our firm to help further develop the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.   Especially now in this economy, having pet insurance can mean the difference between life and death for a beloved pet or with the new wellness plans, the ability to get needed wellness veterinary care for your pet at all.

What has stood out for me with Jack has been his appreciation for how to reach the public through public relations. Jack combined his passion for pet insurance with a deep, deep understanding of how public relations can help educate and inform.  As a public relations pro, how could I not admire that?

Finally, as an entrepreneur myself, I truly, truly appreciate what Jack did to introduce the concept of pet health insurance, and still does today.  He toughed it out through the early years when I am sure most would have given up.  In the process he both built an industry and helped pets — and continues to do so today with Pet’s Best Insurance.

When he sold Veterinary Pet Insurance several years ago he could have walked away into a long retirement.  But, Jack being Jack, he founded Pet’s Best Insurance to continue to make a difference.  Congratulations, Jack.  The veterinary profession, and most important of all, pets and people have benefited so much from your accomplishments.


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