It’s Black and White — Purple and Poodles Reign This Year!


Lea Ann Germinder WestminsterThe 150 Year Old American Museum of Natural History presents, “The Nature of Color” opening March 6th in New York City. According to the museum, the color Tyrian purple came to denote social rank. In fact, Roman Emperor Nero decreed only he could wear purple.

I have yet to investigate the significance of purple with the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, but to me, it is the most regal of colors and most appropriate for the top dog show.

I have always been interested in the impact of color.  As a person with red hair (or more commonly known now as ginger), a decidedly small segment of the world population, the significance of color  has always been an interesting segment of my life. I often honor the color of an event I’m attending, and with Westminster it is especially great fun.

Now for the black and white as in poodles at Westminster. Each year I go behind the scenes each evening to watch the dogs get primped and coiffed before they go under the bright lights. I saw plenty of black dogs and white dogs but the poodles did catch my eye.

Siba Westminster BIS 2020For the black — Siba. There could not be a more majestic dog. I didn’t get a grooming shot of Siba but her grooming and “fro” was the talk of the internet. I concur!  My favorite “beauty” shot was this one of her sitting with her trophy and ribbon. It says it all.



Toy White PoodleAs for the white, there was one delightful puff of a glorious white toy poodle along with his groomer. Usually I take a quick photo and break away. Not this time. This gentle soul waited patiently to be combed and…well you get the idea. I was rooting for him. He placed but didn’t make it to the top.

Whatever breed is chosen as Best in Show we see an uptick in pet ownership. We will be covering more about poodles to help with education, but in the meantime, read more about the history of the poodle at Westminster in the pet question here.

I hope our has enjoyed the Westminster coverage this year. Our Instagram coverage was especially fun to do. Until next year Westminster. I know we will see purple. What other color will reign? We will have to wait and see. Until then, it’s Siba’s black beauty all the way!

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Standard Poodle Wins Best in Show at 144th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show



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