Introducing Vetstream® Felis

(May 12, 2003 ” American Animal Hospital Association Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ) — Vetstream, Inc., today announced the U.S. release of Vetstream® Felis, the comprehensive peer reviewed feline clinical information source. Felis is peer reviewed by over 150 experts. The service includes diagnostic help, treatment selection, surgery techniques, aftercare information, drug dose rates, new product information and client information fact sheets.

“”The Felis CD-ROM and Internet service are important releases. Clinical information is constantly changing and veterinarians need current feline specific information to make the best possible diagnosis and treatment. It will save them time and provide them with the tools they need to provide better service and better care for cats,”” said Robert Devlin, DVM, director of operations, U.S., Vetstream, Inc.

Felis offers a wealth of advantages. It will meet all clinical information needs by allowing a veterinarian to utilize a single comprehensive source for the most up-to-date clinical information, review diagnostic procedures, select drugs with specific active ingredients, look for new treatments, and determine the pros and cons of a surgery. In addition, the user can enhance client services by providing owner-friendly information to clients and illustrate procedures, techniques and treatments. Felis helps veterinarians obtain the best clinical information to help provide the highest quality care possible.

The Canis Internet service, released last year, contains over 6,000 regularly updated components encompassing diseases; bacteria, viruses and parasites; laboratory medicine; surgical and diagnostic techniques; and formularies, to name a few. Vetstream® Canis is now available on CD-ROM in addition to the previously released Internet Canis service. The Canis service provides veterinary professionals with a single source of high-quality peer-reviewed canine clinical content. The information is arranged similar to a textbook, but offers a much wider range of functions and tools, such as cross-linking related content and images, plus highlighting of key points. Veterinarians can quickly access information that supports them thoroughly from presenting problems and diagnoses to selecting treatments.

Additionally, the service also provides owner fact sheets which are convenient to retrieve and print for use during a pet/owner consultation. The Canis service’s multi-media format combines text, photos, video and audio, which means that the information is available as veterinarians need it. Once veterinarians purchase the initial package, the materials are updated regularly on the Internet and/or quarterly on the CD.

Vetstream® introduced its Equis CD-ROM service in 2000 and it continues to grow. Equis offers information specific to the equine species.

The concept for Vetstream® began with John Grieve in the 1980’s from his own experience of difficulties in finding appropriate, accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date and user-friendly information in everyday practice. Today, Vetstream, Ltd., parent company of Vetstream, Inc., is the world’s leading provider of clinical information to the global veterinary profession. It’s animal health information and the company’s extensive range of innovative services adds a powerful new dimension to veterinary practices worldwide. The services are available in over 60 countries worldwide with 47 percent of UK veterinarians subscribing to Vetstream®’s services. The company was acquired by Intervet Holdings, b.v., a division of Akzo- Nobel in December 2000.

For more information, veterinarians may call 1-866-VETSTREAM.



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