Introducing a Reliable Pet Caregiver Alert Service Because You Love Them

Eugene, Oregon (June 18th, 2012) " Now pet parents can leave their worries at home. Introducing Because You Love Them! " a pet caregiver alert service. If you’re in an emergency and can’t care for your pets as usual, Because You Love Them! alerts your designated pet caregivers until someone’s there. Even if you’ve arranged for your neighbors to help, if they don’t know they are needed your backup plan would have failed when your pets and you were counting on it.

CEO Gene Tresenfeld’s sincere love and dedication for his own dog and cat, named Liebe and T-bien, led to Because You Love Them! It was founded with the mission of being an effective and affordable backup care plan for furry family members when it’s needed most. “I worried that if something happened to me, my pets would be overlooked,” explains Gene. “After asking around, I realized that many pet parents had similar concerns. My solution was Because You Love Them!, a notification service that provides care for pets and peace of mind for their parents.” With Because You Love Them! pet parents are always prepared for the unexpected.

Here’s how it works: Upon registering, Because You Love Them! members are issued two attention grabbing In Case of Emergency (ICE) ID cards that are durable and wallet-sized. In the case of an emergency, one call to the toll-free number connects your pets to the safekeeping they deserve. The Because You Love Them! Alert Response Team immediately begins contacting your designated pet caregivers to inform them that attention is needed. Additionally, Because You Love Them! will notify your In Case of Emergency contacts that you may be in trouble.

Offering a variety of service options, prices start at just $30 a year. For those who strive to plan for any eventuality, discovering a vulnerability can be quite unnerving. Fortunately, Because You Love Them! pet caregiver alerts provide a simple solution, and it’s among the smallest, easiest investments you’ll make toward your pet’s wellbeing. To learn more about Because You Love Them! visit or call 855-568-3843. You can also find them on Facebook at or on Twitter at

About Because You Love Them!

Because You Love Them! is an affordable pet caregiver alert service that provides a backup care plan in case of an emergency and the pet parent is unable to care for their daily needs. Founded in 2011 by Gene Tresenfeld, Because You Love Them! was created to bridge the gap between pets and the care they deserve. That’s care for the pet and peace of mind for pet parents. For more information on the variety of service options available, please visit


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